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We are the first congregation of the mother church of the Assemblies of God in Brazil to originally return to the United States since its founding in 1911, when our missionaries and founders, Daniel Berg and Gunnar Vingren, after a great revival experience in Los Angeles, California. What would become known as "Azusa Street Revival". In that place, the missionaries received confirmation that they should go to Belém do Pará and from this city, they would start the largest Brazilian Pentecostal movement and the birth of the first and largest Pentecostal denomination in the world. .

In 2018, after a direction from God, the church then officially returned to the United States through a family of people from Pará who were already residing in the mission field. The Church in Maryland was born out of a missionary vision delivered by God to Pastor Honório Pinto (in memory) in the year 2018, after a pastoral visit to the members of the church of Belém, Dado and Mayara Sugawara, who resided in the USA since 2015.


On April 14 of the same year, the missionary work officially begins its work. After 3 months of inception, the Mother Church then consecrates the missionaries as pastors in the field. And quickly the work gains relevance in the Brazilian community and in 2019, the then missionaries, Dado and Mayara Sugawara, are now ordained to pastors by the conventions CADB - Convention of the Assembly of God of Brazil and CIMADB - Convention of the Mother Church of the Assemblies of God in Brazil.  

With a remarkable performance, the church that started its first steps in 2018, continued firm in the work, holding meetings in the homes of Brazilians in the region and showing the strength of a Church guided by the Bible and the Holy Spirit.

Preach the word, win souls, baptize and make disciples. This is the DNA of a missionary church that has not stopped growing since 1911.

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